She actually is in addition to a prospective intimate lover upon doing Chasing after Amy and you may gaining the new Amy completion


  • step 1 History and you will Identification
  • 2 Relationship with other Site visitors
  • step 3 Ventures
  • cuatro Relationship selection
  • 5 Records

Record and you will Identification [ ]

“Amy’s all right-she’s such as the youngest you to right here I believe. Aren’t getting myself completely wrong, bro-she actually is judge. Patrick ran a background examine and everything you. She actually is tryna signup a beneficial sorority. Banger Wanger Delta, otherwise specific crap. Phrase was, she actually is gotta create an effective scavenger take a look to enter, even if.” -Compubrah towards the Amy. Contact number

Amy, years 21, is actually originally off Ricci, Rhode Area . She reminisces off their big date here, ingesting sexy delicious chocolate and you will sitting by a fire in her own straight back lawn. She has just transferred to so it area which will be desperate to create friends. To that particular avoid, she is pledged in order to good sorority from the the lady society college or university.

She enters new cluster new to the brand new traffic at the people, cut to own Derek, which have which she shared a number of kinds earlier this session.

This lady father are a skill art gallery curator, along with her mom are an award-profitable photographer. She’s a huge lover out of audio, instance of your ring Stress! in the Disco, which have viewed her or him inside concert double over the past two weeks, whilst hating guy bands typically. She has also Create, by which this lady has a drug on catalyst Hyperall.

Matchmaking together with other Visitors [ ]

Amy is nearest with Derek, in search of him attractive, and you can takes into account your to-be the woman nearest men friend at the class. She’s concerned with Derek’s recent issues with their sis. She’ll go out of the woman answer to register Derek if the guy demands this lady help, however, ends up lacking helping with find options-relevant trouble (see the Muse).

Brittney discovers Amy as the most glamorous people in the cluster, and can confess so you’re able to are curious to see what is actually underneath Amy’s shirt. The appeal is actually discovered to be common. Select and: Scavenger Hunt.

Katherine evaluator Amy harshly if requested to support the brand new scavenger appear. Amy normally efficiency this new judgment within the form. Arin is remark if the he overhears the replace.

Amy as well as shared an obnoxious telecommunications with Katherine before the Player’s arrival from the team. As a result, she will suggest that Katherine can be the topic out of good medical emergency which could let Stephanie and discover her own performance.

Leah believes that Amy might have expertise in katanas because of Amy’s Far-eastern customs, whether or not she is off Chinese descent, maybe not Japanese. Amy is actually moderately upset, albeit jokingly, if the asked towards katana’s records.

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If the Madison have this lady cellular telephone, Amy eagerly requests for her social media recommendations so they can converse. She will be able to upcoming look for (otherwise infer) that Madison possess adult articles on her behalf cellular telephone and you will discuss it. See including: Aunt Warfare.

Patrick is interested in learning this new goings-into within sorority people, that have currently molded his or her own fantasies about the subject. Amy will be sidetracked by Patrick’s erection, hence Patrick credits to “Trucker pills”.

Amy is stub their toe in the newest kitchen having Stephanie present. Stephanie will provide suggestions of dubious really worth, which can help cause Stephanie’s options “Follow Their Contacting”. She’ll be also establish throughout the Stephanie’s later on chance “Incorporate Tension”.

Possibilities [ ]

  • Scavenger Appear
  • Chasing after Amy

Romance solutions [ ]

Amy was a good romanceable profile. You can view the lady fully naked nearby the prevent out of Scavenger Seem. But not, a portion of the plot for having gender having Amy was Chasing Amy; based on their matchmaking results you’re able to do/found dental sex or get the full cutscene.

Once you have had sexual exposure to Amy and you will done Knowledge Time, you might proposal the woman to possess a threesome which have Vickie.

Completing The new Crush lets Brittney to help you hook which have Amy; if you make the proper choice they will certainly allows you to hide throughout the pantry and view, causing a good cutscenepleting Brand new Crush(es) lets you have a trio that have Amy and you may Brittney.