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Q43: Cressida Mahung asks: How do i determine if good cockroach try breathing? How to gauge the breathing price? I want to would venture on this to have my research reasonable, however, I am trapped!

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A: Cressida, The cockroach’s breathing rate, like that of most insects, is controlled by accumulation of carbon dioxide, not lack of oxygen. In order to conserve water the average insect closes its spiracles, which are the openings of the insect tracheal system that supplies oxygen to all tissues and removes the carbon dioxide. When the carbon dioxide in the animals system rises to a critical level, the spiracles open and then CO2 leaves the system and oxygen enters. In most small insects this opening and closing of the spiracles (breathing?) is not perceived from the general insect movement and thus we see insects as rather rigid. We see no obvious breathing. If you however look at breathing as the uptake of oxygen from the available volume of air you could measure this disappearance of oxygen as volume of gas. I have done this in a student laboratory using an apparatus similar to the diagram below, a small vial with a stopper in its end through which a breathing tube is inserted:

If you put an animal in the vial above and keep the vial in a constant-temperature water-bath then the water will enter into the small tube that goes through the stopper and the water will continue to be drawn in through the small tube as oxygen is used up, somewhat like the mercury in a thermometer. CO2 dissolves in the water and is thus removed as it is expired by the insect and thus the volume declines as oxygen in the air is used up by the respiring insects. By measuring the position of the water in the tube you can measure the usage of oxygen. This is the long accepted method of measuring respiration of such small animals. You could also restrain the insect under a microscope so that you could watch the spiracles and watch them open and close. However, a restrained insect often struggles and its use of oxygen will go up abnormally. Some minimal restraint might be designed such as gluing the pronotum to a wand and giving the insect a small light ball to “walk” on. The wand can be maneuvered to allow the abdominal spiracles to be observed by a dissecting microscope, allowing the spiracular opening rate to be counted.