New midrashic dysfunction of one’s servant’s ending up in Rebekah’s relatives shows the fresh ethical differences between the latest families

Gen. –17 relates that in case Abraham’s slave noticed Rebekah, who was very breathtaking, with her jar on her behalf neck, he went into the their, that your midrash interprets since running to this lady an effective deeds. In another traditions, every people create go down so you can fill their containers that have drinking water regarding spring, nevertheless when Rebekah saw water, they instantly rose. Jesus believed to her: You presage for your people: just like the h2o quickly rose abreast of enjoying your, thus, too, if the well observes their kids, water commonly quickly go up, as it’s said [Num. ]: “Following Israel performed it tune: Sprout, O really; sing so you’re able to it” (Gen. Rabbah 60:5). A different sort of community measures up Rebekah toward child out-of royalty, who perhaps not usually wade forth in order to fetch liquid, however, one to time did so. She was appointed getting Isaac while you are nonetheless in her own mother’s womb and this, even when she did not see exactly who he had been, she approved get married Isaac (Pirkei de–Rabbi Eliezer, chap. 16).

Rabbah 60:7–9)

In the event the camels got done consuming, the slave provided Rebekah “a gold nose-band weigh a half-shekel, and two gold groups for her arms, 10 shekels during the lbs” (Gen. ). Into the midrash, this present represents other expose you to definitely Israel would-be given within the tomorrow: the 2 groups match the 2 Tablets, in addition to ten shekels to the 10 Commandments (Gen. Rabbah sixty:6). This exegesis imparts unique importance to Eliezer’s selection of Rebekah, whom during that time turned into one of many founders of your Jewish nation. New selecting away from an actual wife having Isaac made certain the brand new continuity out-of Abraham’s line in addition to realization of the hope while making a people of their seeds.

Eliezer generated their collection of the brand new maiden conditional on their asking for drinking water along with her providing to draw drinking water getting their camels, too. The brand new midrash suggests that it was perhaps not exceptional perform because of the Rebekah, and also in the extension out of the girl talk along with her invitees she try lured to let you know kindness to help you him. The latest slave questioned (Gen. ): “Will there be room on your dad’s home for us to blow the evening?” intending merely a single evening. Rebekah, not, answered (v. 25): “[…] and get area to invest the evening”-you can purchase many nights in our domestic. In the event that slave read Rebekah’s terms and you will discovered that she was of Abraham’s family unit members, the guy bowed low in order to God and you can gave compliment of Your (v. 26), at which this new Rabbis discovered Goodness is to be thanked to own an excellent tidings (Gen. Rabbah loc. cit.).

Brand new hitting differential emphasizes the latest righteousness from Abraham and members out-of his household, that have actually their servant acting which have better stability and you can decency than Bethuel and Laban. This new bad white where Bethuel’s family unit members is throw anxieties Rebekah’s good characteristics, on her behalf ethical height wasn’t damaged by environmental surroundings inside the which she grew up ( discover Gen.

The new servant told Rebekah’s class of their mission, in which he thought to her or him: Promote Rebekah so you’re able to Isaac, if not [v

Regarding midrashic knowledge of Rebekah’s members of the family giving restaurants so you can Eliezer, they lay in advance of your a bowl of poisoned food, thinking so you’re able to steal their currency. The slave told you (v. 33): “I will not consume until I have advised my tale”; as he try speaking, new angel appeared and you may transformed brand new dishes, place the new dish on the poisoned food in advance of Bethuel, whom ate of it and you may passed away that nights (Sekhel Tov [ed. Buber], Gen. ). 49] “that we may start correct otherwise remaining.” Laban and you will Bethuel exclaimed (v. 50): “The condition try decreed because of the Lord.” Then the slave took away gold-and-silver vessels and you can attire, which he gave so you’re able to Rebekah, in which he provided their sibling and mother vessels of pearl and you may, some say, roasted ears off corn and insane (Gen. Rabbah ).