Which area of the unique starts with the fresh statement out-of Japan’s engagement inside the The second world war

Taro hears the headlines towards broadcast and should not accept is as true. Even so, Taro thinks that this make zero difference in his personal world, his life in the us. Just after, although not, FBI agencies come from the Dr. Kaneda’s household and you can mention your doctor need to match him or her are interrogated. Dr. Kaneda never yields family. Later on, Kenji Nishima discovers that dp from inside the Montana. Hearsay begin to give that Japanese people way of life over the West Shore would-be uprooted. Hana and you may Taro start to get ready for the latest you’ll evacuation, attempting to sell its home furniture and assets for a lot less money than they can be worth. While the hearsay become more supported by facts, Taro liquidates their whole catalog on the store. She embraces these to come accept the girl in Las vegas, but she and additionally tells them you to she thinks they will be more comfortable with people they know. She shows that due to the fact their moms and dads are not customers, they may be unsafe wherever they’re going. In other words, Mary shows that the lady mothers accept the fresh new evacuation, “At the very least in the camps would certainly be along with your family members,” Mary produces. Hana understands that Mary was suggesting this was better when they don’t go Nevada. Besides, Mary contributes, she and you can Joe will be relocating to Utah soon. Hana and you may Taro decide to wade wherever the new U.S. authorities informs these to go.

When Mary hears from the development, she delivers a page so you can the lady moms and dads

Meanwhile, Henry Toda enjoys decided to sell his ranch. Before leaving, one night, the guy packages up certain Japanese treats getting Dr. Kaneda. It is late, and you may Henry hears a sounds outside. The guy goes toward browse the that’s decide to try and slain.

A single day features ultimately are available. Kenji Nishima pertains to let Hana and you may Taro prepare their suitcases on to Ellen’s auto. Ellen usually drive them to what exactly is called Tanforan, a vintage race track near San francisco that has been converted toward a good camp when it comes to moved Japanese immigrants. Hana and you may Taro are assigned a space, that is indeed a stall from inside the an effortlessly remodeled pony secure. Kenji assists the happy couple pick bedrooms and brush the area. Later Taro finds scraps out-of wood and you may makes a lean table and you will benches. The walls was thin, so there are nothing confidentiality and simply light temperatures. Because they settle for the, Hana receives a telegram from Kiku, reporting Henry’s death.

Announcements are available throughout the the earliest-generation Japanese immigrants, who’re advised they need to offer that which you but so what can become present in a couple suitcases for every single loved one

Down the road, Hana discovers to adjust to her the fresh new surroundings. The woman next-door, that is noisy and you may nosey, in fact can become a buddy, enabling Hana of the informing the lady in case it is best to go take a shower and the ways to improvise that have located materials. On the reverse side away from Hana’s appears is actually a widow, Mrs. Mitosa, who has got an early on de- age because the Kenji Nishima. Hana and you can Taro both realize that Sumiko tends to make a fine girlfriend having Kenji, and so they start the relationships plan. Kenji also helps Henry of their depression by placing Taro to the office as a beneficial carpenter, and also make short products and carrying cases for most of the society of go camping.

From the August, Hana and you will Taro listen to the rumor that everybody at Tanforan is going to be provided for Utah. The only a element of that is that Hana and you will Taro hold onto a dream one to as his or her show goes through Sodium River City, they might pick Mary and you will Joe, as well as their newborn Laurie. While they prepare yourself by themselves towards move, Hana and Taro is welcomed by Kenji, who announces he features expected Sumiko being his wife. The wedding would be stored prior to they get-off Tanforan. Sumiko asks Taro giving her aside in the marriage service. Hana, as she sits in the makeshift church, seeing Taro stroll Sumiko on the section, thinks that Sumiko signifies the newest daughter that Taro and you will she never ever got. Immediately following the marriage, anyone packages up, finding your way through its visit Topaz, a detention go camping made in the new Utah wilderness.