Resicom Financial brief introduction 

Established in 2006 and based off in Melbourne, Resicom is one of our choice partners for providing non-conforming lending solutions. Specialising in residential, commercial and equipment finance, Resicom is able to offer opportunities not available from the major lenders.

If you’ve faced financial difficulty in the past and have finally begun turning things around for the better, you will most likely be faced with harsh disapproval when trying to obtain much-needed credit from major lenders such as CBA, NAB, ANZ, Westpac, and even some of the smaller second tier lenders will be wary of providing approval.

Resicom Caters to:

  • Individuals who may have had past financial difficulties that resulted in late payments, defaults, Outstanding ATO debt and even bankruptcy,
  • For businesses in need for some initial working capital to startup.
  • For scenarios where the settlement needs to be completed urgently.


Vipmortgage conclusion

With residential home loan rates starting from 4.24% p.a and Commercial loans from 6.99%, Resicom can offer a truly competitive solution where others may turn you away. The processes are transparent, with all fees and charges disclosed from the outset.

Like us, our business partner places an emphasis on straightforward common sense and solution based lending. So give us a call on 1300 880 123 and our lending specialists can help structure your special lending scenario, every application will be considered on its merits and no time is wasted on immaterial conditions.

About the author — John Lin

Specialising in providing high-quality residential, commercial and asset finance lending solutions to VIP Mortgage Solution’s partners and customers across a fast-growing network throughout Australia.

With a flexible forward-thinking approach and accreditation with over 25+ lenders, both major banks, and nonbanks, John provides a quality tailor-made service that places focus on the customer first. Consistently delivering the most suitable and competitive home loan, out of hundreds of different products on the market, to each client.