Why do you need it?

The need for refinancing essentially falls under two categories:

  • Reducing interest rate
  • repayment and obtaining extra funds to buy new things.


Reducing the interest expense/repayment amount

Picture this scenario: You just got promoted to manager, or maybe you signed a lucrative deal and your business is booming. As a reward to yourself, you decide to go all out and buy that flash new car you’ve been eyeing for the past year, maybe even pay for a dream holiday with your credit card, everything is going great for you. Unfortunately, you spent too much, within a month your debts pile up and you’re struggling to pay off that 15% annual interest rate credit card.

You’re now in a hole, you can barely make the repayments and you’re at risk of defaulting. Luckily you’ve been paying down your mortgage over the years and you only have a little left on your loan. This is where a professional mortgage broker can save the day! We can refinance your mortgage, consolidate your debts and pay off that nasty credit card. You’ll now be left with a lower interest rate and can afford to make those repayments again.


Drawing equity to purchase new stuff

Alternatively, in a brighter world: You’ve been making regular repayments or even making extra repayments over the years on your existing mortgage, and this year you only have a little left on your loan.

Every day you keep reading and hearing stories about some lucky guy or girl, buying a property one year and selling it for a massive profit in the next, or maybe you’ve been planning on doing some much-needed renovation for that broken down bathroom or kitchen, but your savings are far from what you need.

The good news is, that chances are your property is worth more now than when you bought it all those years ago, so it’s a great time to refinance and draw some equity from your existing property to pay for that deposit or that renovation. Getting help from a mortgage broker will allow you to maximise the benefit from refinancing.

How does it work?

Simply put, it works by repaying an old loan or a bunch of old loans and replacing it with a new loan offering different terms. This can be done by either increasing the repayments or extending the repayment period for your new loan. If you have a lot of existing debts, we can help you refinance the mortgage on your existing property to pay off those debts.

VIP Mortgage tips

If you find that you fall into one of those categories, simply pick up the phone and our lending consultant,  the number is 1300 880 123. We at VIP Mortgage Solutions can help you get the most out of your Refinance or Debt Consolidation.

About the author — John Lin

Specialising in providing high-quality residential, commercial and asset finance lending solutions to VIP Mortgage Solution’s partners and customers across a fast-growing network throughout Australia.

With a flexible forward-thinking approach and accreditation with over 25+ lenders, both major banks, and nonbanks, John provides a quality tailor-made service that places focus on the customer first. Consistently delivering the most suitable and competitive home loan, out of hundreds of different products on the market, to each client.