Hi~ Have you been to our Sydney Property Expo during last weekend?

The Sydney Property Expo took place at ICC Darling Harbour on 19/05-20/05.

VIP Mortgage Solutions and Vision Property Investment were two of the excellent exhibitors at the expo. Thousands of people have attended the fair. The total turnover during the expo is more than 2 hundred million!!!

There were a variety of exhibitors to choose from including property developers, medium to small scale land developers, second-hand property trading, loan pre-approval, foreign exchange and mortgage solutions. You can enjoy one-stop package at this expo!

Apart from diverse property options, 26 seminars were held on the scene: latest property trend analysis, comprehensive investment information, FENGSHUI interpretation with case studies, up to date loan policy with different solutions.

All the audiences benefited a lot from professional advice!!!


Increasing borrowing capacity properly, seizing the optimum investment moment

Our founder Ray Yu delivered the seminar at 12:00pm on 20/05, and introduced specific several mortgage solutions. This seminar was unprecedented welcomed by audiences, some of them even standing at the back!

Four factors were introduced in terms of increasing borrowing capacity: Asset, Liability, Expense and Income with latest case studies done by VIP Mortgage Solutions. We provide personalized solutions based on your case and serve the best-tailored mortgage and finance advice for you!

Also,Allen from Vision Property brought the recent housing estate: Rouse Garden located in Rouse Hill and Epica in Epping. He analyzed how to provide overall assurances to buyers such as project risk.


Winning a prize, as easy as pie!!

Shake it out?

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The winner can get Dyson vacuum cleaners, luxury LV wallets or high-quality bed linens. Sounds very attractive!!!

Lucky draw spinning

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It’s time to show our true skills

Our booth was located at E51-54. The VIPers were fully prepared and ready to answer all questions on site to help people solve loan problems. We were fully aware that each client’s own situation and requirements were unique, so only after detailed communication can we provide clients with the most effective personalised loan solutions.

If you have any further enquiries, please feel free to contact us~

VIP Hotline: 1300 880 123