Do you know about insurance? Yes.

Are you willing to buy insurance? No.

This is sort of the standard communication among clients or friends.

Why do we need to buy insurance?

Insurance brokers have put the answer very professionally and in place: at a fraction of the affordable cost to offset the unpredictable risks in the future. To be straightforward, we can spend little money on safety. Only two groups of people who are fearless of future risks may not need to consider buying insurance. One of them is tramp who might have no control over their own unknown calamities and diseases. Another group is millionaires, after all, they can afford any risk happened. But for most of us, some of the risks we cannot afford, or if it happened, it will greatly affect our quality of life.

However, why don’t many people buy insurance?

There are three main reasons as follows,

  • Speaking of insurance, it seems bad luck happening. There are so many “just in case” sentences such as you are dead, you get sick or your home suffers flood. It seems like a curse on you;
  • Insurance coverage is considered complex and then make people feel a headache. Sometimes, clients might want to buy insurance, but when they think about filling wide range of insurance scope, they simply do not buy it;
  • After you bought the insurance, there is the possibility that the insurance company will find a variety of reasons and excuses to shirk responsibility and do not pay premiums.


Calmly speaking, there are a lot of unhappy things no matter how much you do not want to encounter, then the occurrence still occurs. According to Murphy’s law, the more things you worry about the more it might happen.

When you have bought insurance, you need to leave all the communication records. The vast majority of insurance companies in the process of reporting premiums will be an objective way to check and investigate. If the result of the treatment is unsatisfactory, an equitable solution can be obtained for internal or even external grievances within reasonable limits.

In addition, insurance companies are now fiercely competitive, for customers, but also for their own reputation. Nowadays, insurance companies will stand from the customer’s point of view.


Finally, we want to share two recent real-life examples with you:

• A friend bought a new BMW X6 in May this year. After nearly two weeks, when he stopped at Glebe Road in the morning to buy coffee and then watched as a driver hit the door and scraped off Mirror. The driver of the accident was panicked to hit such a good car. Fortunately, this friend bought a car insurance. At the same time, it is more fortunate that the other driver also bought insurance. The both sides’ insurance companies involved to repair costs close to $4000. After a week, the repair problem was resolved.

• A client rents Zetland’s brand new two-bedroom apartment for a year. Initially, the client was reluctant to purchase landlord insurance (including home content insurance, for more details, see the next article). After all, over 600 premiums a year are not cheap (Note that landlord insurance is the most expensive premium in home-based insurance). Less than six months, housing agency manager informed this client that they failed to contact the tenants for a long time, and when they inspected the room they saw the discovery of a mess. After there was no result to contact the tenant, the client took a photo and submitted the rental agreement, deposit registration form and other materials to the insurance company. It took 3 weeks to get the insurance results, and the insurance company claimed the money of 8 weeks rental costs, which is more than $6,000 rent premiums. The client said it was fortunate enough to buy the insurance before.


The mentality of buying insurance is very similar to choosing a loan. It is especially important that both the process and the result require high-quality services, especially after the transaction. In the next article, we will include an introduction to insurance products and insurance companies that VIP Mortgage Solutions could serve. We want to extend our service to some closely related insurance services to our customers for convenience. For more details, please visit our website or call 1300 880 123.