Homeloans brief introduction — No only 3.68%, ALL you want is here!

Homeloans was established in 1985 and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 2001. Then in 2016, it merged Resimac, making NAB, Macquarie Bank and etc. become its shareholders. Among the Australian non-bank lenders, Homeloans is definitely one of the best.

Why do I choose Homeloans?

Well, we will not only give you one reason but thirty reasons, which absolutely meet all your needs.

– the Lowest interest rate of 3.68%

– 95% LVR without Genuine Savings

– 85% LVR without Lending Mortgage Insurance (LMI)

– 80% LVR with unlimited cash-out and no control funds

– 100% Fixed home loan offset. Now as long as you want fixed loan offset, there is not only variable home loan offset anymore.

– Free valuation, 40 years loan term, no credit scoring……

Just to name a few. If you want to know more about this information, please contact VIP Mortgage Solutions to gain more details.

These five particularly targeted products based on the customer’s own situation are perfect in every field. For example, 1) one-day employment could take 100%; 2) default less than 2000 (paid or unpaid) could be ignored; 3) commercial property loan LVR could be up to 75% and etc.


Advantages for self-employed client

Low doc product only requires either of one accountant letter or latest 6 months (which means continuously two) business activity statements. Compared with other lenders who only provide 60% LVR loans, Homeloans is able to give the clients up to 80% LVR loans.


VIP Mortgage Solutions conclusion 

At last, there is a misunderstanding that it is unreliable to choose a small bank. However, they always cannot provide specific reasons to prove why the non-major lenders are not reliable. There are about 109 bank lenders in Australia, people normally do not know more than 10 bank lenders unless you engage in the mortgage industry. Specifically, except for Big Four (CBA, NAB, Westpac and ANZ), they are all non-major banks such as HSBC and City Bank regarded as small lenders. All of these banks are regulated by the Australian government, which means that all customers are protected by NCCP (National Consumer Credit Protection).

Therefore, as borrowers, it is no need to worry about the size of bank lenders. Alternatively, even though some non-major lenders do not have branches, they do have online banking and 24-hour customer service.

Actually, we could use internet bank to handle most of the normal business through a computer or mobile phone. Is it a much better option that we could put home loans in non-major lenders and have saving accounts in major lenders?

About the author — Michael YAO

Michael has extensive experience in loan and professional mortgage knowledge, focusing on the Australian mortgage and car loan market. Starting from the interests of customers,  helping you select the most satisfied products and providing the most professional and effective services.