Liberty brief introduction

Liberty was established in 1997, and it has been 20 years now. As a non-bank financial institution, it has been serving more than 210,000 customers, and a number of loans are close to 20 billion Australian dollars. Particularly, from 2011 onwards, Liberty has entered a rapid growth channel to attract investment and securities lending. There is no doubt that this institution has a successful business model. Whether for investment customers or home loan customers, you can find your own ideal product in this bank.

Liberty services

  • home loan
  • car loan
  • personal loan
  • commercial loan

Two best advantages

1. Efficient

The time for pre-qualification, assessment, approval, and settlement is counted on the hourly basis, which largely benefits from Liberty’s investment and application of advanced technology. Compared to heaps of banks software systems mortgage brokers used, Liberty’s IQ online system and mobile APP are much more user-friendly, and it updates timely. For VIP Mortgage Solutions to give customer timely updates, this system helps to boost better user experience;

2. Better borrowing capacity

Seen other banks or institutions which have raised their lending requirements and interest rates, leading to a significant reduction in banks borrowing capacity calculation, Liberty relatively maintains the competitive lending capacity. This is good news for customers who are at the edge of getting approved in loan assessment. For example, one of our customers can only borrow $770,000 maximum from major banks, while in the same case Liberty could lend $800,000, which satisfies customers need for a higher loan amount.

VIP Mortgage conclusion 

To be honest, Liberty may have some post-settlement service problems just like other banks. However, as a mortgage broker company, our responsibility is providing transparent service. After we understand the needs of the clients, we will offer the tailor-made loans and share the analysis of pros and cons of non-major banks in advance, and then we make the final decision together with customers. Until now, there is no client complained about their choice of Liberty.

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