Lenders – they are the banks, credit unions, building societies and non-bank lenders who offer you funds to buy your first property, securing the loan on that property.

Vendorthe person who is selling the property you are looking to buy.

Building inspector – the person who provides the building inspection report before buying your first property. So you will know what the problems or potential problems are in advance.

Conveyancer or solicitor – the licensed professional who handle the legal side of things that pertain to a property transaction.

Real estate agent – the person who works for the vendor to sell the property to you.

Mortgage broker – that special person who could save you hours of time researching mortgages and save you money.

Buyer – this is YOU who has the knowledge of the confident to buy your first dream home. If not, you will be after reading our first home buyer blogs anyway.

It can be confusing to know whether to get a variable rate or fixed rate mortgage, and what features you really need. it is very important to not only check the right interest rates, but make sure that you are getting the right features in your home loan. Our experts are always here to help.